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Converged Phones

Many things happen when you converge a phone with your main phone:

  • Your Switchvox voicemail messages and faxes all go to your main phone's Switchvox mailbox.
  • Your Caller ID is always that of your main phone, as long as the call originates from Switchvox. That means calls from your Switchvox extensions, or a Switchvox Softphone.
  • Your call logs are included in your main phone's call logs.
  • In your Switchboard, your Current Calls panel includes the current calls for the Converged Phone. You can act on those calls as you normally do.
  • In your Switchboard, you can specify which of your Converged Phones you want to use. That way, when you click-to-call, the correct phone rings.
  • In another person's Switchboard, you appear busy on your main phone if you are on a call with any Converged Phone. With the correct permissions, your call information is visible and it can be recorded, monitored, whispered, or barged into.
  • In InCall Menu, you can easily transfer calls between your Converged Phones.

On a Digium Phone, if line 1 is a converged phone (not a Main Phone):

  • The main extension is used for all voicemail activity: message indicator light, the Msgs button, and dialing the voicemail system extension.
  • The main extension is used for these Apps: Contacts, Status, Queues.
  • The main extension is used for parking a call (the call appears to be parked by the main extension).
  • The main extension is used to log into and out of a queue via a Status Indicator Rapid Dial Key. (See also:  Status Indicator Entries)

Things to consider when you converge phones:

  • You probably want to adjust the Call Rules for your main phone and any converged Switchvox extensions, so that incoming calls ring your phones appropriately.
  • Most of the time, you should log into the Switchvox Extension Suite for your main phone. The only time you should need to log into the Extension Suite for a converged phone is to set up specific Call Rules or Phone Features.

You can have as many as 6 Converged Phones, including your main phone.


To set up a Converged Phone, you must create it and then authorize it.

  1. Log into Switchvox as your main extension.
  2. Go to Features > Converged Phones.
  3. Click Add Converged Phone.
  4. Select the External Number tab (to create a Converged Phone that is not part of Switchvox), or the Extension tab (to create a Converged Phone that is another Switchvox extension).
  5. Enter the number, and set the options as appropriate (see the Options section below).
  6. Click Create.
The new phone is saved, and is now in the list of Converged Phones. Be sure that you can answer that phone, so that you can authorize it.
  7. In the Converged Phones list, click Authorize.
An Authorization Code is displayed.
  8. When that phone rings, answer it.
  9. Enter the Authorization Code on your phone's keypad.
  10. If prompted, enter the password for the Switchvox extension that you are converging.

To Modify a Converged Phone, click the Modify icon for that phone. Make your changes and click Update Converged Phone.

To Delete a Converged Phone, click the Delete icon for that phone. Verify that you do in fact want to delete it, and then click Yes, Delete.

Numbers that are in your Converged Phones cannot be converged with another Switchvox extension. That applies toSwitchvox extensions or to external phones. To move a converged phone to someone else's Converged Phones, you must first remove it from your Converged Phones.


Each of your Converged Phones has a label, and is available as a Rapid Transfer option in the inCall Menu. Rapid Transfer is essentially "speed dial" for your inCall Menu.

Acknowledge Rapid Transfer

Yes indicates that you want to acknowledge (accept) the call before Switchvox completes the transfer. In this case, when you use a Rapid Transfer option from the inCall Menu. Switchvox does not transfer the call until you have answered it and acknowledged it by pressing ONE on your keypad.

No indicates that Switchvox should complete the rapid transfer as soon as the call is answered.


A label (name) for this Converged Phone, for easy reference.

Rapid Transfer Key

The number to press on your phone's keypad to complete this transfer.

Rapid Transfer Sound

The sound that is played in the inCall Menu to describe this Rapid Transfer option.



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