Quickbooks and the never ending Windows installer
Posted by rbTech Staff on 05 January 2012 12:30 PM
A client called recently with a new issue - Quickbooks Pro 2007, which had been working just fine for literally years, wouldn't start. When they double-clicked on the Quickbooks Icon, a Windows Installer screen would come up, and nothing they did would make it finish short of running the task manager and killing off the process. This would of course also kill the launch of Quickbooks, so 'round and 'round they'd go.

The system was Windows XP SP3, automatic updates turned on, McAfee Internet Security, P4 2.66GHz and 512Mb of RAM. It was slow as death on a cold Sunday morning when I logged in and took a look around. Norton had installed their fscking "System Checker" that ran daily and tried to sell more Symantec products (Symantec folks take note - this is but a small step up from bogus virus messages that prompt you to install some adware infested "Virus Removal Tool"). Other than that, and a full install of McAfee Internet Security (which the customer had actually installed and paid for), I found no malware on the system.

After several hours of messing about with Quickbooks and running repair and install processes which would consistently die and subsequently roll back somewhere toward the end, I tracked an error message back to a possible corrupted .Net 1.1 Framework.

Sure enough, when I downloaded the .Net Framework 1.1, and ran the installer, it too failed. I tried a straight Uninstall and that failed as well. .Net Framework 2.0 uninstalled successfully.

I downloaded and installed the .Net uninstaller tool from here: and killed off all versions of .Net that were on the machine.

Then I rebooted the computer (for about the 12th time of the day after my various machinations), and proceeded to run the installers for .Net 1.1, .Net 2.0 and the new version of the Quickbooks installer I found here. After running all the installers, and launching Quickbooks (which immediately began a long process of patching itself up to date), all was happy again.

Ahh, Quickbooks. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways... I sure wish that such a useful product from a bookkepping perspective didn't suck so damn much from a technical perspective.

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